Forex Yen ticks weaker after current account

The yen held slightly weaker in early Asia on Monday as investors noted mixed data on bank lending and the current account and mulled disappointing trade figures from China at the weekend. USD/JPY changed hands at 124.31, up 0.02%, while AUD/USD eased 0.21% to 0.7402 – as China is a top trade partner. Japan reported an unadjusted June current account … Read More

Putting put-call parity FOREX

According to the put-call parity concept, there is a fixed link between the time premium of puts and calls that is determined by the options’ volatility and the risk-free interest rate. The idea is intriguing, but retail traders rarely pay much attention to it because its details can seem complex and impractical — relevant only to theory geeks and floor … Read More

Trading Strategy – Forex

Beyond the glitter Despite its reputation, gold has a poor record as an investment. That doesn’t mean it’s not a good trading vehicle, though. Gold is often referred to as a safe-haven for investors during times of economic uncertainty. Unfortunately iq option cheat or not?, while for many investors and traders there have been plenty of financial calamities that would … Read More