Tournaments on IQ Option?

About Tournaments – are tournaments on options in which each participant is credited a 1000 USD tournament fund and all traders are competing with each other for 30 minutes.
The winner is the one whose balance is the biggest at the end of the tournament. At the end of the tournament there is a summary table with the results of the participants – the prize fund is distributed to the first 9 places.
How to participate in tournaments on
-Sign up for an account on IQOption.
-In your personal cabinet, go to “Tournaments” in the left menu.
-Choose the tournament type: paid or free.
-Tournament Duration – 30 minutes.
-Prior to the tournament you can view the list of participants and prize money. In a paid tournament the prize fund may be increased if the amount collected from registration fees exceeds 500 USD.
-At the time of the tournament every participant will be credited with a 1000 USD tournament balance. You can only buy more if your tournament balance is less than 1000 USD.
-For the half hour duration of the tournament you should trade as much as possible in order to increase the amount of your balance
-At the end of the tournament you will see the final table of results and the distribution of prize money among the participants, whomever took the first nine places.

tournament list

Download PDF file with instruction: Tournaments

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