iqoption – How to trade Binary Options?

How to trade Binary Options?
With the spread of Internet technology, more people gained access to online trading in the financial markets, which soon became the source of their primary income. Investment and speculative tasks became much closer to an ordinary people than ever; now, anyone can join the investment community and make investments in the financial markets. After individual traders, attracted by simplicity, entered the world of trading, the market activity reached a new level – the simplification of a financial sphere and trading in the financial markets. Now any user, regardless of his experience, can feel the sense of Wall Street trading and participate in this type of activity. Financial markets have NEVER been so accessible as in the era of binary options trading.
Why should those, who are interested in speculative earnings, shall start from binary options trading? The answer is simple: this is the easiest entry point into the industry. The rules applied for binary options will also work in Forex trading, stock market, derivatives, and other financial instruments. On understanding how to trade, analyze the market, manage your investments and discipline, you will easily turn to more professional.
Binary options are a great starting point on the way to professional trading!

Trading on a Free Demo account
After registration and account activation choose Turbo Options  on the left side of the panel
how trade 1

You will see the Asset Index – the currency pairs, stocks, and indices. Select the asset you want to trade and start trading. how trade 2

Choose which direction the asset price will move on the chart: up or down (more information on how to define the direction will be provided in the following sections). how trade 3

Enter the desired investment amount and expiry time for the transaction how trade 4

Buy call option or put option depending on your forecast. how trade 5

Wait until expiration; if the forecast is correct, you will receive a fixed payout up to 95%. how trade 6

Trade real money:
Click on “Make a deposit” on the control panel . how trade 7

Choose the payment method . After making a deposit, your Demo Account will upgraded into a Real Account. how trade 8

To withdraw the funds, select My Account – “Withdraw”. how trade 9

Fill out an application form, and get your money within 3 business days. how trade 10


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