Trend lines, support and resistance – IqOption

Trend lines, support and resistance Trend Lines (Support, and Resistance) help identify the trend direction and the reversal points. There are three types of trends: “bullish” (price rise), “bearish” (price fall), “sideways” (price without change). Why do we need it? Defines direction of future price movements. Determines the strength of the trend. Defines the entry points. How to use? Drawing … Read More

Japanese Candlesticks – IqOption

Japanese candlesticks are the most often used chart type. Japanese candlesticks first used by Japanese rice traders over 200 years before the first charts appeared in America. Why do we need them? Help to analyze the price movements. Define the entry points. The Japanese candlesticks are very helpful in defining the chart patterns. These patterns can indicate a reversal or … Read More

Tournaments on IQ Option?

About Tournaments – are tournaments on options in which each participant is credited a 1000 USD tournament fund and all traders are competing with each other for 30 minutes. The winner is the one whose balance is the biggest at the end of the tournament. At the end of the tournament there is a summary table with the results … Read More