About IQ Option FAQ

Why there are quotes on your platform during the weekend when the markets are closed?   On weekends, we provide to our traders the opportunity to trade on OTC (over the counter) instruments. OTC or «over the counter» deal means a transaction which made directly between two parties without going public. That is why the quotes are unique to our … Read More

How to Trade Binary Options

At the heart of the immense popularity of binary options is how to trade Binary options.  The click and trade nature of them make options accessible to all varieties of traders, whether market novice or market expert.  The consistent high returns and transparent risks allow traders to clearly see and plan how to trade binary options. What are binary options? … Read More

3 ducks trading system

A common sense approach to price observation Buy when prices are going higher and sell when prices are going lower. In a nutshell this is my goal when I am trading the forex market. But the above statement of buying when prices are going higher or selling when prices are going lower may be too broad and therefore it may … Read More

What are Binary Options?

Just what are binary options? They are the latest and most profitable financial instrument to conquer the global markets in the past few years.  Traders around the globe are using binary options to add liquidity to their portfolios safely and with minimal risk. What is binary option trading? Binary options combine the analytical aspects of day trading with the lucrative features of … Read More

Tournaments on IQ Option?

About Tournaments IQOption.com – are tournaments on options in which each participant is credited a 1000 USD tournament fund and all traders are competing with each other for 30 minutes. The winner is the one whose balance is the biggest at the end of the tournament. At the end of the tournament there is a summary table with the results … Read More

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